Tips on How to Get Top Recruits in College Hoops 2K8

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College Hoops 2K8 for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 allows you to experience the thrill of NCAA basketball from the comfort of your own living room; putting you in control of the top teams in the country. In College Hoops 2K8 there is a feature called "Legacy Mode" which allows you to take complete control of the school of your choice and control every facet of your basketball program, from playing to coaching and even recruiting players.

Spend Points Carefully

Take a conservative approach when spending your recruitment points so that you don't waste points needlessly. Instead of spending every point trying to make small bids for a large number of recruits, select a few recruits that you consider your top candidates and spend your points on them exclusively. This will make it more likely that you end up with a player you actually want and less likely that you'll waste all of your points chasing hopeless recruits.

Don't Always Go For Top Players

A common recruiting mistake is constantly going for the best player from every school for every position. It is unlikely that you will always recruit the top player from a school; wasting your time and points doing so can hurt your chances of recruiting the best players. The second, third and fourth best players can be just as good and can help you pad out other positions while you seek a star player for a particular position.

High School vs. Junior College

It can be easy to think that players coming from a junior college are better than those coming out of high school since the students from junior college are older and therefore perceived to have more experience. In College Hoops 2K8 the younger players tend to play better and a four-star high school player can often play circles around a five-star junior college player. Whenever possible, try to draft candidates that are fresh out of high school.

Obtain the Right Skills

In College Hoops 2K8 you have the option to use recruitment points to give your coach a higher level of skill sets. Among these skills, the two most important to a successful recruitment are "Charisma" and "Teaching." A greater level of charisma gives your coach the ability to make more convincing negotiations and leave a good impression on candidates. A greater level of teaching shows candidates what your school can do to their careers and how well your coach can prepare them for the professional level.

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