How to reedem HSBC points

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HSBC offers reward points for customers signed up for their Premier Credit Card. In general, for every £10 you spend you'll get two HSBC points, as of January 2013. You can redeem these points for a range of different rewards, from flights to fine wines. Of course, you'll need more than two points to grab the best available offers, but if you're a regular card user you can pick up rewards over the phone or online.


The easiest way to see a list of available rewards and their current points value is to log on to the HSBC website with your account details. See resources below for a link to the main Premier Card rewards page. Gifts and rewards are split into categories, including vouchers, flights and holidays, fine wines, charity donations and a service called "Auto Redeem" that automatically sends vouchers or makes a charity donation on your behalf.

Redeem online

Before you redeem your points online, you'll need your account login details. To redeem online, log in to your bank account as normal from the main HSBC personal banking page. Enter your user ID. You'll then be asked for your memorable name and a unique code created by the HSBC secure key generator. Enter all of these details, then select "Premier Card" from your available accounts, and click on "Premier Rewards," found in the menu on the left side. From there you can select from a list of gifts, flights and vouchers.

Redeem by phone

To redeem over the phone, you'll need your HSBC Premier account number. Call 08457 70 70 70 to speak to a rewards point operator. They will request your account number and ask some security questions over the phone. Once approved, you can tell the operator that you want to swap your points for gifts. It's much easier to check the available gifts online first, but if you don't have Internet access the operator will explain what rewards are available to you.


For flights and holidays, the minimum number of points you can redeem is 1,000. You have to use the flight or holiday within 60 days. Points for fine wines can't be redeemed online. Instead, call 0845 194 7717 -- a different number from all other gift or voucher redemption lines. Over the phone, quote the reference MP85 to pay for wine using your Premier points, or quote MC85 to use both points and cash. With "Auto Redeem" you will receive a £5 voucher for every 150 points you collect.

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