Tips on "Gangster Paradise"

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Succeeding in "Gangster Paradise" can help you advance through the game and achieve higher ranks. "Gangster Paradise" is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) which is played primarily through text.

Players start as a Chav (a lowly wannabe gangster) and can advance through the levels to become an Official GP Legend. Finding out a few tips can help you get to higher ranks much quicker and gain more cash. Tips relate to casinos, jail-breaking, bodyguards and spotting a "minus."

Casino Tips

Many different tips can be found relating to the different casinos on "Gangster Paradise" and the odds of winning in them. The best casino to choose for betting variety is The Roulette, because you can choose to bet on red or black, columns, thirds and individual numbers. The odds of winning on red or black are one in two, on columns and thirds they are one in three and on individual numbers they rocket up to one in 35. All other casinos have less variety in their odds.

Jail Breaking Tips

Jail breaking is the quickest way to advance through the ranks on "Gangster Paradise," and finding out the easiest characters to jail break can help you gain experience points. A general tip for any jail breaking is to listen to the music the game plays on earphones. This cuts out any distracting background noise and enables you to get into the rhythm of the jail break. Any character ranking between Chav and Knuckle Breaker is easy to break out of jail. Boss, Assassin, Don and Godfather ranked characters are of medium difficulty to break out, and anything above Global Terror is hard to break out. Break out easier characters first and then advance to the medium difficulty and hard characters to break out. The harder characters award more experience points.


Hiring a bodyguard is a good overall tip for the game, and many different techniques exist for hiring and firing bodyguards. If you have a bodyguard, any player who attacks you will have to kill your bodyguard before they even get to take a shot at you. You can have up to two bodyguards at any time, so it is better to have more and stay alive than not to hire any and be killed. Beware, grannies do not have to attack bodyguards before attacking you.

Other Tips

Many other types of tips exist for "Gangster Paradise," and these can relate to things such as the best weapons to own and learning how to spot a "minus." If someone is a minus, he has minus health, which means that regardless of his rank, he can be killed with only one bullet. Check the player's jail-breaking rank, overall rank and wealth rank to see if he is likely to be a minus. If the player has high wealth and low other ranks, he could still be a minus. The best three guns on the game are the PSG1, the M82A1 and the AWP. The AWP is the most powerful gun, with a 20 power rating.