Unusual 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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Fifty years of marriage presents the golden anniversary for a wedded couple. Many love a traditional gift from their significant other, but after so many years, why not think outside the gold. An unusual or unique gift keeps things interesting in any relationship and enables the romance to blossom each day.

50 Favorite Items

Fill a container with the happy couple's 50 favourite things. Find a gold-coloured basket or large container and fill it up. These items may include gift tokens, collectibles, hobby items and family pictures Ensure that each item has significant meaning to each person individually or as a couple. Make it a reflection of their time together, such as dinner certificates to significant restaurants, or items for a hobby that they enjoy doing together.

Framed Photos

Find pictures of each individual as a baby, a picture of the couple dating as sweethearts and a wedding photo. Frame these in a collage frame on one side with a larger picture of them close to or on their 50th anniversary. This will give them something special to look at showcasing before they met, throughout the courtship and once they wed.

Family Tree

Some families are particularly close on the bride and groom's sides. Show the couple of 50 years how they brought two families together. Research a family tree on both sides of the family and highlight any instances where the two intersect. Perhaps a cousin on the bride's side married a brother of the groom on his side. This will provide additional interest and entertainment at the anniversary party.

Trip of a Lifetime

Send the happy couple on a trip they have been dreaming of. Many people get married and have great plans for at least one extravagant trip, but most don't achieve that goal. If you start planning ahead, work to make reservations that the whole family can chip in to provide them.

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