Easy seven dwarf costume ideas

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Whatever version of the story you love best, Snow White is just no good without her seven dwarf companions. Whether you're preparing for a costume party, Halloween or a theatre production, those dwarves will need quality costumes.

With seven of them to outfit, however, you might not have time for lengthy, complicated costume-making. Luckily, classic-looking dwarf costumes don't need a lot of tricky or expensive pieces to look appropriately dwarfy.

Simple beard

Use grey or white synthetic craft fur (the longhair stuff) to make a quick, yet effective dwarf beard. Cut a long teardrop shape, then cut out a small oval for the mouth about an inch from the round end of the teardrop. Cut small holes at the left and right ends next to the mouth hole, and thread string or elastic through to attach the beard to the head. When cutting the fur, be sure to brush the hairs so they stand relatively upward. This way, the scissors will cut the base cloth and leave the hairs long.


Create a dwarf shirt in minutes using only an oversized T-shirt and a large belt (especially one with a big, square buckle). Wear the shirt and place the belt on the outside; this look will closely resemble the clothing worn by the dwarfs in Disney's "Snow White." Use a plain solid-coloured shirt; using this costume method, you can give each of your dwarves a different colour of shirt.


Since the large T-shirt will be covering the waistband of the trousers, any pair of loosefitting brown or black trousers will do. Pajama trousers or sweatpants will have the best look, provided they're not shiny and don't have stripes, decals or patterns on them. If possible, dress all of your dwarves in different colours to create some uniformity in their clothes.


Making your own dwarf hats would be a complicated process, but altering other hats is easy enough. Save up some oversized Santa hats during post-Christmas clearance, or grab them from thrift or jumble sales during the rest of the year. Cut off the pom at the end of the hat and the fluffy trim at the base of the hat. Transform each hat from its rich Christmas red into a colour to match each dwarf's shirt using fabric spray paint. If you can't match those colours, paint them brown or black to match the trousers.


Period boots are a somewhat more complicated matter than the rest of the costume pieces, but you can make it easier by using boot covers over tennis shoes rather than real boots. You can also buy inexpensive pieces like this from costume stores during the Halloween season (look in the pirate section) or year-round from mail order costume suppliers. From as little as a few feet away, these look like the real deal.