Traditional Gifts for the Second Wedding Anniversary

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As a couple celebrates their second wedding anniversary, they may wish to give traditional gifts to one another. In the United States, cotton is a traditional second wedding anniversary gift. Cotton is a durable fabric that can represent a relationship's ability to endure over time.

In times past, wives often made gifts of cotton (shirts, blankets, or hats) for their spouses. Today, there are a wide variety of cotton goods available in the marketplace.

Cotton Blankets

As a traditional gift, purchase a soft cotton throw or blanket for your spouse. As a fun touch, have a photo blanket created that displays a favourite wedding or honeymoon picture. Photo blankets can be purchased through the photo departments of stores like Walmart or Walgreens, or from online retailers such as The Memories Place or Photo Blanket Gifts.

A Romantic Cotton Night

To add a romantic touch to your cotton gift, plan a romantic evening. Place sheets made of Egyptian cotton on your bed and light candles to set the mood. Wrap a gift of cotton pyjamas or a cotton robe for your spouse and place it on the bed. For a more personal touch, have the robe monogrammed. Before enjoying the new sheets, take your mate out for an anniversary dinner or cook a romantic meal at home.

Traditional Cotton Gift With a Twist

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If you'd like to add a twist to your gift of cotton, then give your spouse a cotton beach towel before whisking her away to a surprise getaway at the beach. Alternatively, give your wife a monogrammed robe and a gift token to the local spa. By combining traditional cotton items with a surprise gift, you can create an unforgettable anniversary celebration.

More Cotton Gifts

Tailor your cotton gift to your spouse's interests. For example, if your spouse loves baseball games, purchase a cotton cap embellished with the logo of his favourite baseball team. If your wife loves the carnival, take her out for an entertaining night to see the show and be sure to buy her candyfloss. If your husband enjoys grilling or your wife is a master chef, then give the gift of a personalised cotton apron. If you want to combine gifts, you can give your partner an apron and a certificate to a cooking class or an apron and new grilling tools.