Special Ways to Tell Kids They Are Going to Disney

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One of the best things about taking a family trip to Disney World is telling the children about it and watching their little faces light up with excitement. Parents can make the event even more fun by coming up with special ways to tell their children that they are going to Disney. Planning a family vacation is almost as fun as actually being there, so why not spread the good news to the children in a playful and creative way?

Lunch box Invitation

Parents are allowed to be excited about a vacation to Disney World too. Spread the joy to the offspring in a creative way: Place Disney World postcards into the children's school lunch boxes. Write a message on the back of the card announcing that the family is going to Disney. The note can be in the style of a birthday invitation with the title, "You Are Invited," along with sections labelled, "Where," "When," and "What to bring."

Disney Dress Up

At the dinner table, parents can dress up as Mickey and Minnie Mouse to make their Disney vacation announcement in true style. Put on some mouse ears, a tail and a pair of big white gloves. Parents also may be able to pick up a couple of Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse masks. If these items cannot be easily found, parents might consider wearing matching Disney T-shirts or sweaters instead. When the children notice this unusual attire, they might start asking questions, which could spark an interesting and fun dinnertime conversation.

Decorations at Home

Pick a room to adorn with party decorations based on a Disney theme. This could be Mickey Mouse, "Toy Story," "Finding Nemo" or a host of other Disney themes based on the children's favourite Disney movies. The kids might begin to wonder why their home is decorated when it isn't anyone's birthday. That's when parents can tell them the good news about their plans for a Disney vacation. Parents also can hang up a banner that reads "We Are Going to Disney World."

Cell Phone Disney Vacation Message

For older children, consider sending a series of Disney character pictures to their cell phones. Send a picture of Mickey Mouse, Woody, Cinderella, Bambi and more throughout the day. Parents may want to send one character every few minutes while the children are at soccer practice or at a friend's house. This will get the text messaging going with an exciting chat about the possibility of vacationing at Disney World.

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