Communion cup craft ideas

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Christian church services often serve communion on a regular, sometimes weekly basis. Since many churches have a large congregation and multiple services on Sunday, used communion cups pile up over time. As an alternative to wasting the cups, churches can wash them and repurpose them into various Christmas ornaments.

For example, during the holiday season, Sunday School students can transform the bell-shaped plastic cups into long-lasting tree decorations.

Tree Ball

A polystyrene foam ball covered with communion cups makes an attractive ornament that catches the glimmer of your tree lights. To make this craft, tie a ribbon into a loop and hot glue it to the top of the foam ball. Stick a dressmaker pin through the hole of a sequin, then stick the pin through the bottom of a communion cup to attach it to the foam ball. Continue sticking pins through sequins and communion cups until the ball is completely covered with communion cups. Use the ribbon loop to hang the ball on a tree branch.

Angel Ornament

Invert a communion cup to make an angel's skirt and add other details to make a simple angel ornament. For this craft, paint the inside of a communion cup with gold acrylic paint and let it dry. If you want more coverage, paint a second layer. This will form the skirt for your angel. Next, paint a wooden ball with flesh-toned acrylic paint to make the angel head. Let the paint dry completely, then hot glue the head ball to the outside bottom of the communion cup. Twist a short length of gold pipe cleaner into a circle with a "stem" for the halo, then hot glue the stem to the back of your angel's head. To make the wings, cut a heart out of card stock or construction paper, coat one side with a glue stick and dip it in glitter. Allow the glue to dry, then do the same on the other side. Once the glue is dry, hot glue the "wings" to the back of the angel's skirt. Lastly, draw a face on the angel's head with a permanent marker or acrylic paint.

Bell Ornament

Communion cups have a natural bell shape, which makes them ideal for Christmas bell ornaments. To make this craft, gently drill a hole in the bottom of a communion cup, paint the inside of the cup with gold acrylic paint and let it dry. If you want more coverage, paint another layer. Thread a pipe cleaner through a small jingle bell and pinch the end closed to secure the bell. Thread the other end of the pipe cleaner through the hole in the communion cup, then thread decorative beads onto the pipe cleaner. Shape the pipe cleaner into a hoop and pinch it closed where the pipe cleaner meets the bottom of the communion cup. Tie a bow around the pipe cleaner where it meets the communion cup to add additional decoration and security.

Ice Cream Soda Ornament

Fill a communion cup with coloured pom-poms to create an ice cream treat ornament. First, stuff a red pom-pom into your communion cup to create the illusion of cherry soda. Use craft glue to attach a cotton ball to the top of the pom-pom to look like vanilla ice cream. Glue a small red pom-pom "cherry" on top of the cotton ball. Break off the end of a wooden match stick and push the wooden part into the communion cup to simulate a straw. Thread a piece of fishing line onto a needle, then thread the line through the cotton ball to make a hanger for your tree.