Specifications for Ben Hogan BH-5 Irons

Ben Hogan Golf introduced its line of BH-5 irons in 2005 with cast, stainless steel heads, unlike the forged steel heads of every previous Ben Hogan series iron. The BH-5 weighting system and other features make the irons forgiving and consistent, ideal for novice to intermediate golfers. As of early 2011, you could only find second-hand BH-5's at most golf outlet or retail stores. The standard set is 3-iron through pitching wedge; however, speciality wedges and long irons can be made to match the set.

Club Head

Ben Hogan golf designed its BH-5 iron heads with cast stainless steel to give them a durable and consistent feel. The back of the club head has a deep cavity, pushing the majority of the weight to the perimeter and sole. This weighting feature widens the sweet spot and allows for more forgiveness on mishits off the toe or heel. The hosel (the small, metal joint linking the shaft to the club head) is slightly offset, causing the head to trail behind the shaft on the down swing and allowing the golfer more time to square the club face at impact.


BH-5 iron shafts come stock in either True Temper steel or graphite in a variety of flexes. Graphite shafts are lighter and thinner, adding velocity and force to every golf shot, but only at the sacrifice of accuracy and consistency. Golfers with an average-to-powerful swing will need the dependability provided by steel shafts for their irons. The stronger a golfer's swing, the stiffer the flex of the shaft should be. Both steel and graphite shafts are available in senior (a), regular (r), stiff (s) and extra stiff (xs) flexes.


The standard grip for every BH-5 iron is regular-sized, one-piece rubber, emblazoned with the Ben Hogan logo. Golfers with larger than average hands may wish to re-grip each club with oversized grips; your hands should comfortably fit around the grip with your fingers comfortably flush against your palms. Most golf courses offer re-gripping and fitting services, but you can do the job yourself, provided you have the appropriate materials.


Ben Hogan Golf advises all potential buyers to purchase only from authorised vendors or direct from the manufacturers. Internet auction websites are completely unauthorised and can often lead to the purchase of counterfeit or cloned clubs. Always compare potential merchandise against pictures of authentic merchandise or consult a professional that can examine the design, logo and insignias of each club and determine its authenticity.

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