Campagnolo Compatible Jockey Wheels

a downhill mountainbike gear wheel and gearshift mechanism image by Stephen Gibson from

A Campagnolo bicycle differs enough from Japanese- and American-made bikes that many parts are not interchangeable. Typically, if you want to install one non-Campagnolo compatible component, you need to change many components for them to work together smoothly.

Jockey wheels, or derailleur pulleys, are the toothed wheels in a bike's rear derailleur. Not only must your new jockey wheels be Campagnolo-compatible, they must also have the same number of teeth as your old ones.


Enduro makes ceramic hybrid jockey wheels for Campagnolo derailleurs. Enduro sells the jockey wheels in pairs that are available with 10 teeth. The outer part of the pulley is black, but the centre bearing comes in red, blue or yellow. The wheels fit with a 5mm bolt and weigh 9 grams each.

Full-Speed Ahead

Full Speed Ahead, also known as FSA, manufactures derailleur pulleys for both Shimano and Campagnolo bikes. The Campagnolo jockey wheels are blue with 10 teeth. The bearings are a silicon nitride ceramic hybrid and the outer portion with the teeth is constructed of DuPont Zytel and Teflon for durability and smooth chain flow. The pair of pulleys weighs 20 grams.


Token's derailleur pulleys feature an open-toothed flower pattern. The Campagnolo compatible pulleys are available with either sealed bearings or Token's patented Tiramic bearing. These bearings are non-corrosive and of higher quality than steel bearings. Match your jockey wheels to your frame with Token's many colour choices: red, gold, black, blue, green, silver or pink.


Soma Fabrications produces derailleur pulleys compatible with older Campagnolo five-, six-, or seven-speed road bikes that have five, six or seven gears. The Nuovo Retro jockey wheels fit Campagnolo's Super Record, Nuovo Record, Gran Sport and Victory bicycles from the 1970s and 1980s. The pulleys only come in black.