Ping G10 Vs. Ping I10

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The Ping G10 and I10 irons are often confused as the model names are similar. These irons, however, are designed for two completely different types of golfers. The G10 is a more forgiving club for higher handicap players, while the I10 has the shape and profile that more experienced players prefer.

Club Head Features

Ping G10 irons have an oversized club head and are perimeter weighted for maximum forgiveness on off-centre shots, a feature that most mid- to high-handicap players need. The I10, on the other hand, has a smaller club head that is less forgiving. More experienced players do not need the oversized club head, as their swings are more consistent.


Irons more offset are designed to compensate for players who tend to slice the golf ball. The Ping G10 has more offset throughout the set than the Ping I10. This is because the I10 is designed for better players who are not struggling with hitting poor shots that slice as a result of an open clubface at impact.

Other Features

The Ping G10 has the same loft and swingweight on each iron as the Ping I10. Oftentimes, clubs designed for higher-handicap players will feature stronger lofts than a comparable iron in a set designed for better players. The swingweight, or how the balance of the clubhead feels in relation to the rest of the club, is the same in the G10 as in the I10.