Ping G10 Driver Specifications

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Founded by Karsten Solheim in 1959, Ping has been one of the world's leading golf club manufacturers for over half a century. Top professional golfers such as Lee Westwood, Bubba Watson and Miguel Angel Jimenez use Ping equipment. The Ping G10 series debuted in 2008 and earned Golf Digest "Hot List" Gold honours, while the driver won the Golf Magazine Club Test award.


The Ping G10 driver series consists of five different clubs designed for both right-handed and left-handed players. Each model has a lie angle of 58 degrees and measures 45.75 inches long. The clubs have a head weight of 199 grams (g) and a swing weight--a measurement that determines how heavy the club feels during the swing--of D3. The drivers come with lofts--the angle of the club face that dictates ball trajectory--of 7.5 degrees, 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees, 12 degrees and 13.5 degrees.


Ping G10 drivers come with three different models of shafts--the tapered tube that connects to the club head. The TFC129D--designed for the G10 series--is available with soft regular, regular, stiff and extra-stiff flex. The soft regular-flex TFC129D has a torque--a measurement of how much the shaft twists when force is applied--of 5.5 degrees and weighs 58g, while the regular-flex shaft has a torque of 4.6 degrees and weighs 60g. The stiff-flex shaft has a torque of 4.1 degrees and weighs 63g, and the extra-stiff flex shaft has a torque of 5.5 degrees and weighs 68g. The Grafalloy ProLaunch Red shaft is available with regular, stiff and extra-stiff flex. The regular-flex shaft weighs 60g, the stiff-flex shaft weighs 62g and the extra-stiff flex shaft weighs 64g. Each shaft has a torque of three degrees. The UST V2 High Launch 65 comes with the choice of regular, stiff and extra-stiff flex. The regular-flex shaft weighs 62g and has a torque of 3.8 degrees. The stiff-flex shaft weighs 63g, while the extra-stiff flex shaft weighs 64g. Both shafts have a torque of 3.7 degrees.


The G10 drivers are designed with a large titanium club head that offers more forgiveness and consistency on shots. The club's crown pattern features discretionary weight that can be repositioned to optimise the centre of gravity, which generates a higher launch angle and less spin. The G10 features a taller club face, which increases the hitting area. The depth of the crown enables a greater transfer of energy between the club and ball.

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