What Is a Controller Driving Iron Golf Club?

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Driving iron golf clubs, also known as hybrid clubs, are designed to have the advantages of both woods and irons. They are made with a combination of wood and synthetic materials, and can fill both applications from long game to short game. Controller driving irons, produced by NGC Sports, feature a patented "roll and bulge" face, designed to prevent hooks and slices, as well as a super-hard coating on the club face to increase impact and distance.


Controller driving irons feature a slightly curved face. The face is designed so that even if contact is made slightly off centre, the curvature of the face will correct the ball's trajectory and prevent hooks and slices. A shot from the toe or heel of the club's face will have spin put on it by the club, and will curve back towards your target.

The Coating

Controller driving irons feature a super-hard coating on the face, which is called the "M-70 coating." This coating is of a material developed from military technology and is currently used in the aerospace industry due to its strength and resistance to corrosion. The coating is 70 per cent harder than titanium and twice as hard as steel. This allows for harder impact on the ball, which means greater distance.

The Shafts

The Controller team has done extensive research and testing and has found a shorter-than-usual shaft length to be an effective way to increase the effect of the bulge and roll face. While some drivers do have a similar face shape, their shafts are too long and the faces too large for them to work in the same way as the Controller clubs. A shorter shaft and smaller face lend to a more effective design. Controller shafts are available in steel, graphite and TurboTip graphite, which features a slightly heavier head and larger grip.

Older Versions

The Controller II is the currently available series of golf clubs. The current version features a slightly larger head as well as the M-70 coating, which was not a part of the original Controller driving irons. The face of the club is unchanged; both the original and current version tote the roll and bulge face. The shafts are also unchanged between the original and current versions.


The Controller line of golf clubs has generally been well received. Testimonials on the NGC website indicate that golfers are able to cut about four strokes off their games, and report being able to get the ball off the ground easier and more consistently. However, users also report being uncomfortable with the shorter club length. While NGC claims that the shorter club makes it easier to hit the ball, players are reporting that they are having a hard time making proper connections.

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