How to Tie a Tagelmust

A tagelmust is a cotton cloth worn as a turban by the Tuareg people of the Sahara. Tagelmusts are several feet long and customarily died a deep, rich indigo colour. Although there are many ways to tie a tagelmust turban, the most common method is a simple tied wrap around the head. When tied properly, the tagelmust provides you with protection from the elements like the extreme sun and exposure to sand in the desert. Whether you are visiting such a region or simply need to dress the part, tying a secure and functional tagelmust turban is an easy procedure.

Hold the tagelmust in a long bundle and make a knot 12 inches from one end. Make the knot snug but not so tight that it will be difficult to take out later. The fabric on one side of the knot will be longer than the other side of the knot.

Place the knot at the base of your neck, with the short side of the tagelmust going down your back and the longer end going up, over your head.

Pull the tagelmust around your head, leaving the short end hanging down your back. Gather the fabric at the top of your forehead so that your ears and head are covered.

Twist the fabric at the top of your forehead into a bundle to tighten the turban around your head then wrap the length of the tagelmust around your head. Tuck the end of the tagelmust into the bundle to secure the wrap in place.

Release the knot at the base of your neck and spread out the hanging length of fabric. Leave the tail hanging down to protect your neck or pull it around to cover your nose and mouth.

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