How to Set Eyelets & Grommets

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Both eyelets and grommets serve the same purpose: to either reinforce a hole so the fabric won't tear when cord or ties for hanging and carrying are threaded through, or in the case of paper crafting and occasionally apparel, as a decorative embellishment. Eyelets tend to be smaller than grommets in most cases.

The other main difference between the two is that grommets have a separate washer to hold it in place while eyelets have a longer shank that also serves as the washer when it is hammered or pressed into position.

Mark your work where you want to set an eyelet, then punch a hole in that position.

Push the shank of the eyelet through the hole from the right side, so the shank pokes up from the back of your work.

Rest the bottom of the eyelet on the metal disc tool, or anvil, to support it, then fit the setting tool into the top of the shank and gently strike it with a hammer to roll the soft metal of shank down onto the fabric and hold the eyelet in place.

Mark where you want to set the grommet and punch a hole in that position.

Push the male half of the grommet through the hole, then turn it over, so the shank is visible through the back of your work.

Fit the washer over the shank with its convex side facing up. Place the grommet with its washer on top of the setting anvil, centre the setting tool in the middle of the washer, then tap gently with a hammer.