How to Preserve a Rose in Resin

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Drying your roses is one way that you can preserve them. But after several years they can start to disintegrate and ruin. To preserve your roses in a longer lasting way, use a resin mixture. Resin mixed with catalyst will provide a clear epoxy coating over your entire bloom.

Since the mixture starts off as a liquid, it can get in between the petals and preserve each one. Within just 5 minutes, you'll be able to perfectly preserve your favourite roses.

Dry out your rose by hanging it upside down. Tie a string or ribbon to the stem, then tie the other end to a curtain rod or doorknob. Let the rose hang until it is completely dried out. This may take a week or two.

Lay a garbage bag over your counter space to protect it from the resin.

Pour 1/4 cup of resin into a plastic cup. Add 1/4 cup of catalyst to the cup. Mix the resin and catalyst completely using a plastic spoon.

Hold your rose at the stem, then dip it into the resin mixture. Keep the rose in the mixture for 3 minutes to properly coat the entire bloom.

Place the rose into a separate plastic cup, rose blossom facing upward. Use your plastic spoon to catch any drips as the resin mixture sets. The mixture should be completely dry and the rose preserved in just 5 minutes.