How to Make Someone Bald Using Gimp

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Using digital cameras and post production editing programs like GIMP, photographers and designers can greatly change the appearance of a picture or portion of it. With a few clicks of your computer mouse, you can make someone look bald who isn't normally. When done correctly, the edited picture will look like the original in every sense other than some hair is missing.

Turn your home desktop or laptop on. Double-click the icon for GIMP photo editor to open the program. In the navigation bar across the top of the window click "File," "Open." Click the image file to highlight it and click "OK" in the bottom of the window to open the picture.

Click the Eraser tool in the left margin of the program window. Position the cursor over the person's hair you want to remove. Press "Ctrl" and click. The program removes the individual's hair. What is left is a blank space that needs to be filled so it looks natural.

Click the Clone tool in the left margin, which looks like a rubber stamp. Click, hold and slide the scale tab to adjust the size of the cursor. You want a smaller cursor for this step.

Position the cursor over the person's face or skin, press and hold the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard and click your computer mouse. You have now selected a portion of skin tone that can be cloned to fill in the area that contained the hair.

Position your mouse over the area to be filled, click and hold the mouse button and the program fills the blank area with the skin tone you selected. Repeat this process until the image looks natural.

Click "File," "Save As" give your edited image a new name or title and save it to your computer.

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