Siemen Siwamat 5010 Instructions

Siemens is a large company whose products include a range of home appliances. The Simawat 5010 is a Siemens washing machine that features a range of settings to suit different types of clothes.

As all machines are tested before being sold, it is a good idea to run a wash cycle without putting clothes in the machine before the first use; this will clean out the unit.

Sort through your laundry according to the temperature on the labels.

Pull the machine door handle to open it and insert the clothes.

Open the detergent dispenser tray. Measure out your fabric softener and pour it into the middle dispenser. Measure out and pour the prewash detergent or starch into Dispenser 1. Measure out and pour the main wash detergent into Dispenser 2. Close the tray.

Turn the program dial to the setting best suited to the clothes in the machine -- this is based on the material, colour and temperature displayed on the label.

Push the power button to turn on the machine and begin your wash.