How to Make a Custom Microphone Sleeve

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Gone are the days when everyone from record-selling musicians to teenage garage bands only had one choice when it came to microphones -- a plain black or silver handle topped with a black wire or mesh cap. Today, microphones are easily customisable with colourful sleeves that slide over the handle, giving it a distinctive appearance. You can purchase a factory-made skin or even an expensive, handset, jewel-bedecked microphone, or you customise your own sleeve to make your microphone express your personality.

Measure the diameter of your microphone handle and the length from the bottom edge of the top ring (situated just beneath the cap) to the end of the handle. Write measurements down and set aside.

Select a polyester blend fabric that you like and that reflects your personality from a fabric or craft store. A glitter or sequinned fabric can work well. Pick a fabric with enough elasticity to hug the microphone. Purchase 1/4 yard of a few different fabrics to make custom microphone sleeves to match various stage outfits you wear.

Lay the microphone down on the fabric before cutting and gently roll the fabric around it until you have 1/4-inch overlap. Make a mark on the fabric at this point. Use a pair of fabric scissors to cut a strip of fabric equal to the length and width of your microphone.

Cut out any small spaces, as necessary, for switches or cords on your microphone to be accessible through. Use a thread and needle or sewing machine to sew the right and left ends of the fabric together, allowing for 1/4-inch seam. Slip the sleeve over your microphone shortly before your performance. Repeat steps with additional fabric to create more sleeves.

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