How to Use Pull Bows

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Whether you are embellishing a gift or adding ribbon decorations for party decor, creating bows can be a challenge. When you have trouble making those ribbon loops look just right, try using pull bows instead. These nifty little inventions lay flat when you are not using them. When you wish to create the bow, a simple tug will make the ribbons loop into an attractive bow.

Unfold the pull bow so that the wide ribbon lays flat in front of you. Find the ends of the wide ribbon and separate them. In between the wide ribbon, you should find two lengths of narrow ribbon.

Grasp the wide ribbon loosely in one hand and the two lengths of narrow ribbon in the other hand. Pull the narrow ribbon lengths gently.

Continue pulling the narrow ribbons. As you pull them, the wide ribbons will form loops to create the bow. Pull the narrow ribbons until you cannot pull them any more --- the wide ribbons will form a multi-looped bow.

Hold the narrow ribbons tightly to keep the wide ribbon looped in the bow. Tie the ends of the narrow ribbons in a snug double bow that rests right under the looped bow.

Position the bow where you want it --- on a gift or wherever you need it for decoration. Tie the bow to an object using the narrow ribbons, or wrap the narrow ribbons around a gift. Attach the bow securely with clear tape, if necessary.

Untie the pull bow by untying the double bow that you tied in the narrow ribbons. Reverse the action by which you made the loops of ribbon to store the pull bow flat until you wish to use it again.

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