How to Remove the Spear From an S-Type Keg

Sean Murphy/Lifesize/Getty Images

Most people who enjoy beer from a keg never see the inner workings of the device that delivers the frothy draft. And while there is no practical reason to ever take apart a snake or S-Type beer keg, such as those used by most large American breweries, you may want to simply soothe your curiosity. If so, you must first remove several parts of the outer hardware before you can gain access to the spear.

Turn the keg so that it is resting on its end and the nozzle faces upward.

Place a flathead screwdriver into the notch on the keg's retainer spring. The retainer spring is the outermost and uppermost spring on the top of the keg.

Rotate the retainer spring until you can see the metal notch of the retainer ring.

Pinch the retainer ring notch with pliers and pull up and away from the keg. You will be pulling the first ring of the retainer spring out of the keg.

Hold the retainer spring with your fingers once the first spring is out of the keg. Unwind the rest of the spring and pull it out of the keg.

Tap on the spear with a flathead screwdriver and hammer until the spear tabs are aligned with the keg slot.

Grab the spear with your fingers and gently pull it out of the keg.

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