How to Persuade Someone to Join Sports

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Persuading someone to join sports doesn't have to be difficult, with a little empathy and understanding. To truly motivate someone, you need to determine what their reluctance and fears are and address those head on. Offer encouragement and support and ease them into the idea. Do not push or manipulate, or you'll risk turning the person completely off to sports forever. Introducing the person to the energy and excitement of sports is the fastest way to convert someone into a diehard sports fan.

Ask what kind of sports or team activities he finds interesting and what pace is preferred. Someone who loves fast action over a slower pace will probably prefer hockey over golf. Someone who enjoys indoor sports may be persuaded to join a basketball league instead of an outdoor sport such as baseball. And some people may also prefer solitary sports and activities, such as track and field or surfing, over interactive team sports like soccer.

Ask why the person is reluctant to join sports. A time commitment issue may require a more flexible practice schedule or joining a recreational league. Someone who lacks confidence or skills may just need a few supportive friends to join the same sports league with him. Offer to help by training or jogging a month before joining to boost physical endurance and confidence, or carpool to keep the person motivated to joining weekly practices.

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Attend a sporting event in your area with someone reluctant to join sports. Getting caught up in the excitement and energy of a live event will motivate reluctant sports enthusiasts. Ask what the person loves and dislikes about the sport. If the person doesn't like the heat, point out that the players are shielded when not on the field and plenty of water and refreshments are on hand. Remind the person that joining sports is fun and a group-bonding experience and not as intense as a professional sport.

Ask friends to join you for a persuasive conversation and discuss the ongoing benefits of joining a sports team, such as team-building exercises, goal setting, getting physically fit, gaining confidence, greater mental clarity, making new friends and learning something new. Talk about how much you learnt from playing sports and how easy it is to get started. Reference other friends or family members who were reluctant to play sports and why they now love it.

Make a worthwhile exchange. Offer to help with a difficult project or an important event in exchange for your reluctant friend to try out the sport. The person may just need an added motivator or boost and feel the exchange is well worth the participation in the sport.

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