Tennis Swingball Rules

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If you're tired of playing tetherball, try a variation of the game called tennis swingball. The game is played the same as a tetherball game with the exception of using rackets rather than your hands. Rules for the game are the same as tetherball but can vary depending on who's playing.

The Game

A tennis ball is attached to a vertical pole by a rope. Flat, plastic bats are used by each player. Players may also use junior tennis rackets or racquetball rackets. Two players are allowed to play in a game of swingball. Like in tetherball, players stand on opposite sides of the pole and aren't allowed to move from their positions. A player serves the ball underhand in either direction of the other player. Once a direction is chosen, that is the direction the ball needs to go until the next serve.


There are several penalties in the game of swingball. Some of them include stepping offsides, touching the rope and double hitting. A player may hit the ball only once each time it wraps around the pole. However, if the ball hits the pole in between, the player may hit the ball after it has hit the pole. If a player causes a violation, the ball is stopped, wrapped around the pole where the violation began and given to the other player to serve. If a player grabs a pole, that player loses the game automatically. If both players cause a violation, a ball drop is introduced. Both players have one hand on the ball, raise it three feet away from the pole and drop it towards the pole. Once the ball hits the pole, then both players are able to hit the ball.


Players choose how many games they want in a match. There isn't any rule on this, so each time you play may be different. A game is won when the rope has wrapped the pole in the advantage of one player. The rope has to be wrapped completely around the pole so that the other player can't hit it back.

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