How to check incoming & outgoing text messages online

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Most wireless service providers offer online services to access your wireless subscription. Services available online include viewing and paying your bill, changing your plan and features and viewing your voice and data usage. To set up an online account through your provider's website, you will need your wireless number, any account privacy pass-codes and to choose a online password. After logging in, your account information is displayed and you can view the different online features, including the option to view incoming and outgoing text messaging data.

Log in to your online wireless account. For most providers, enter your wireless number and password. Most accounts will list all of the wireless numbers associated with that account, usually listed as users.

Choose the number for which you wish to view the text message history. Depending upon the provider, you can view the numbers either by selecting them from a drop down list or by clicking the "View All" or "Users" option.

Scroll down until you locate the "Data Usage" option for that specific number. Under the "Data Usage" option, there will be the option of selecting different periods of time based on current or past billing cycles. Select the correct billing cycle and click "Data Usage."

View the date usage. Depending upon the provider, your data will be divided into incoming text, outgoing text, incoming multimedia, outgoing multimedia messages and Internet use or it will be divided into text and multimedia in one section and data in another.

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