How Can I Wear a Masquerade Mask & My Glasses at the Same Time?

Thomas Jackson/Lifesize/Getty Images

As Andrew Lloyd Webber states in "Phantom of the Opera," a masquerade is a place where "you can fool any friend who ever knew you!" However, fooling your friends is much harder if you have to hold your mask up with your hands to avoid breaking your glasses. With the strategic application of a few pieces of foam, even a bespectacled Phantom can attend a masquerade gala wearing a mask worthy of the Broadway production.

Cut the foam into four strips of equal length.

Place your mask down on a soft surface and put your glasses facedown on the eye holes.

Arrange the four pieces of foam on the back of the mask around the edges of the glasses on the temples and cheekbones. Place your face in the mask and rearrange the pieces of foam until they provide a comfortable cushion between your face and the glasses.

Place rubber cement on the back of each foam piece and place each one glue-side down back where it was comfortable. Wait about 10 minutes for the rubber cement to dry.

Try mask on with your glasses to ensure that it fits. Then prepare for an evening of masks and mystery.

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