How to Pair a Samsung WEP460

The Samsung WEP460 is a compact Bluetooth headset that you can wear over your right or left ear. Once connected to a compatible Bluetooth device, you can use the headset to make and receive calls hands-free. To use the headset with another device, you'll need to connect them by pairing.

Pairing is an easy, one time set-up process that allows your headset to communicate and interact with the Bluetooth device. The headset should be fully charged before you begin.

Disconnect your headset from the charger.

Place the headset in pairing mode by pressing and holding the "Multi-Function" button, located on the front of the headset. Release the button when the indicator light stays solidly lit in blue.

Open the Bluetooth options menu on the device you wish to pair the headset with. For most phones, this is under "Settings" or "Tools." Select "Search" or "Add New." Your device will attempt to locate the headset.

Choose "WEP460" from the list of found devices. Use the keypad to enter the headset's pairing passcode of "0000." Press "OK" to confirm the entry and complete pairing. The headset's indicator light will flash rapidly 10 times if pairing is successful. If the light does not flash, repeat the steps again to retry pairing.