How to Compress a MOV File to Fit in an Email

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MOV files are widely compatible with different computers, and they are capable of displaying both standard- and high-definition video. However, a high-def MOV file can take up a lot of hard drive space. If you convert the MOV file into a different format, you could lose some audio or video quality.

If you need to e-mail a large MOV file, file compression can reduce the size without reducing the file's quality.

Right-click on the MOV file you want to compress.

Hover your mouse over the "Send To" option. A series of additional options expands to the right of your cursor.

Click on "Compress (zipped) folder." The MOV file is converted to a compressed ZIP file. The new file contains the same name, but ends with ".zip" instead of ".mov," and it takes up less hard drive space. The smaller file will likely fit in your e-mail.