How to reset a refrigerator

Refrigerators can experience a range of faults, resulting in problems ranging from watery ice cubes, erratic temperatures and stale food. Resetting your refrigerator back to its original settings can remedy many of these problems. Always check your user manual before attempting a reset, as instructions often vary according to brands.

Look inside your refrigerator and locate the temperature control switch. This is usually situated around the middle of the refrigerator's back panel. Some switches have a wheel mechanism, whereas others use digital displays.

Turn the temperature control wheel down to zero or switch to "Off" if you have a digital display.

Move your refrigerator away from the wall. Refrigerators are extremely heavy, so enlist the help of another person, if possible.

Unplug the refrigerator cord from the wall outlet. Leave unplugged for around two or three minutes.

Attach the power supply back to the wall outlet and position the refrigerator back against the wall. Your refrigerator temperature is now reset. Switch the temperature control back to "On" and adjust the temperature to the level required.

Open the ice making area of your refrigerator if it is producing watery ice cubes or an inconsistent water supply.

Locate the water filter status light inside the ice maker. This is usually a small rectangular light situated at the side of the ice maker.

Push the switch next to the status light seven or eight times in quick succession. This will reset your ice maker.

Check the status light. This should turn from red to green once the switch has been pressed several times. The green colour indicates the ice maker has been reset.

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