How to Change an RX8 Side Indicator Light

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The Mazda RX-8's side-indicator lights are owner-replaceable; however, the bulb inside the lens unit is not replaceable. Therefore, the entire assembly must be replaced. Despite this inconvenience, replacing the side-indicator light is not a tough job. No tools are required and the procedure is over in about five minutes. It may be necessary to purchase the replacement light from a Mazda dealer. Automotive-parts stores are not likely to carry the custom unit.

Place your hand firmly against the side-indicator light. Push the lens backward, toward the door. It slides back a few inches.

Twist the side-indicator light counterclockwise to position it vertically. This unhooks the indicator-light clip. Pull side-indicator light toward you.

Push in the tab on the wired connection attached to the bulb socket. Unplug the connection from the socket.

Plug the connection into the socket of the new side-indicator light. Insert it back in its hole. Turn it clockwise to reposition the attaching clip.

Push firmly against the light. Push it toward the front bumper to lock it back in place.

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