Why does the Viking refrigerator keep beeping?

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Viking produces a range of refrigerators, including built-in and free-standing models. They are fitted with alarms that will sound if the door is left open, to help ensure it is not left open accidentally, leading to the contents of the refrigerator spoiling. They also have temperature alarms, which will sound if the temperature is unusually high over a certain period of time. Some models also have a thermistor alarm to detect problems with the temperature monitoring and setting systems. These alarms are the most likely causes of any beeping sounds.

"Door Open" alarm

Viking refrigerators come with a "Door Open" alarm. This will sound when either the fridge or freezer door has been left open for more than three minutes, and will continue until the door is shut or the alarm is deactivated. To deactivate the alarm, press the "Alarm Off" pad or press "Options" followed by "Door Alarm Is On" depending on your model.

Temperature and thermistor alarms

Viking refrigerators also have a "High Temperature" alarm that sounds when the temperature in the fridge or freezer exceeds normal operating temperatures for a set period of time. This may be between one and three hours, depending on your model. The alarm will end when the temperature is brought back to a lower setting or the alarm is dectivated. To deactivate the alarm, press the "Alarm Off" pad or press "Options" followed by "Door Alarm Is On" depending on your model. Some models also have thermistor alarms, which will sound if problems with the temperature system are detected.

Setting the alarm sound

The alarm sounds can be turned off. On the control pad main menu, press "User Settings" and on each subsequent screen, press "More Settings" until "Alarm Sound Is On" appears on the display. Press "Alarm Sound Is On" and it will switch to "Alarm Sound Is Off." Press "Done" to lock the setting and return to the main menu. If you turn the alarm sounds off, you will not be alerted if you leave the door open or if there is a problem with the temperature. If the alarms continue sounding when the door is shut and the temperature is set to an appropriate level, there may be a fault with your refrigerator.

Other noises

General refrigerator noise has been reduced over the past few years, according to Viking. Due to the lower background noise, other operational sounds may be more noticeable, but may also be quite normal. These can include buzzing sounds if your model has an ice-maker, hissing and rattling due to the flow of refrigerant, and pulsing sounds as fans and compressors adjust to optimal performance. Some of these may be mistaken for a beeping sound but are quite distinct from the built-in alarms.

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