How to Reset My Hotpoint FF187E Fridge

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The Hotpoint FF187E refrigerator fits seamlessly into many kitchens. It is designed to fit flush with many shallow cabinets, yet it still provides about 9.2 cubic feet of cold storage space.

If you did not buy an extended warranty, this Hotpoint model is only covered by a 12-month factory warranty and you'll want to exhaust DIY troubleshooting options before paying for repairs. For some minor Hotpoint FF187E refrigerator problems, you can remedy the issue by resetting the fridge.

Turn the freezer operation knob into the "Off" position. This knob is located inside the refrigerator, near the top of the unit. There is no special reset button on the FF187, and you simply must power down and restart the unit to reset it.

Unplug the refrigerator from your wall outlet.

Wait for the "Power Indicator" light to turn off. This light is located directly in the centre of the same control panel as the freezer operation knob. When unplugged, the Hotpoint FF187E can retain a slight charge for a short time. The unit is only completely powered down when the power indicator light turns off.

Plug the refrigerator back in. The internal thermostat is now reset, and the main control panel will also reboot itself. Resetting the unit can remedy many minor electronics issues, much like rebooting a computer can help fix minor glitches.

Turn the freezer operation knob back to the desired position to begin using your Hotpoint FF187E again.