How to Make a Djembe Project for Kids

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When you are teaching children about African culture, it can be educational to include information about African musical instruments as well, such as a djembe drum. One way to keep the students' interest is to show them how to create their own djembe drum using a few materials that can be found around a house or purchased at any craft supply store. This will allow the kids to decorate the djembe drum in their own personal style.

Place a foam cup upside down on a table top, and place a second foam cup right side up on top of the other cup. Use foam cups that are the same size and shape.

Wrap masking tape around the area where the two cups meet to secure them together, then wrap masking tape around the entire form. The masking tape should be stretched over and cover the openings of the cups completely.

Press the masking tape onto the cups firmly, leaving the stretched tape be.

Decorate the outside of the craft djembe drum using markers. Be creative. Add pictures, patterns and detailing to suit your preference.

Tap on the top of the djembe drum to play it.

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