How to Make Brooch Jewelry

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Make a jewellery brooch and express your creativity with almost any small, light object such as a decorative button or fabric flower. A brooch is a versatile piece of jewellery with a pin on the back that attaches to your clothing or an accessory, such as a bag. Collect pieces of old necklaces or rings for a pretty homemade brooch, instead of throwing those pieces away.

Draw a 1-inch wide circle on a piece of corrugated cardboard. This is the base of your brooch. Corrugated cardboard is needed here because it is strong enough to withstand the weight of the small, metal pieces.

Glue the end of a broken, 2- to 3-mm wide necklace chain to the centre of the cardboard circle with a dab of hot glue. Press the end down for one minute with the end of an object like a pen, but not your finger. Wait 15 minutes for the glue to cool.

Add glue around the circle, with the necklace chain in the middle, and slowly coil the necklace around until you reach the edge of the circle. To avoid a mess, glue and hold down small amounts of the chain at a time. Wait 15 minutes and then continue. You will end up with a circle of coiled chain. If the chain isn't big enough to cover the whole circle, you can add another chain where the first one stops. Snip the leftover dangling chain from the edge of the circle with a pair of wire cutters, or trim it to leave an inch of the chain as a decoration.

Apply hot glue to the centre of the back of a 1/4- inch to 1-inch wide cabochon, which is a flat back bead or stone, and press it against the centre of the chain-covered circle.

Glue smaller cabochons or rhinestones around the larger one or around the edges of the circle. Clue them in a neat circle or in various spots. Wait 30 minutes for all of the glue to harden.

Apply hot glue to the flat part of a pin blank. A pin blank is a jewellery component with a safety pin back and a flat part that you attach to the back of the jewellery piece. Press the pin blank to the centre of the back of the circle and hold it for one minute. Wait about 30 minutes before wearing your jewellery brooch.

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