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How to Open Tiffany Lock Pendants

Updated March 23, 2017

With its range of silver, gold, white gold and diamond jewellery, Tiffany & Co.'s lock pendants are just a small addition to an already large family of charms. Tiffany lock pendants come in a range of materials and prices. The design is a simple yet elegant lock that opens and closes. Original Tiffany lock pendants always open and they have the company logo engraved somewhere on the bottom or the side as either Tiffany & Co. or T&Co with additional details such as 1837 (the year Tiffany & Co. was established). As Tiffany would say, "With this popular Tiffany motif, one is never lost."

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  1. Take off the necklace with the Tiffany lock pendant for better access if you are wearing it.

  2. Locate a small button on the side of the charm. Original Tiffany lock pendants will always have this button. The only Tiffany lock pendants that will not open up are the mini lock pendants.

  3. Press the button gently and the lock will open.

  4. Attach the lock to the chosen necklace or bracelet unless you removed it for cleaning or other purposes.

  5. Close the lock by gently snapping it into place until you hear a slight click, according to a Tiffany & Co. representative.

  6. Tip

    Always store Tiffany jewellery in the little velvet bag that comes with each purchase. It protects the jewellery from dust and tarnish. Be gentle with the lock. It is a delicate piece of jewellery. If the lock doesn't close, it might need to be repaired by fixing the bolt or spring. Bring it to the nearest Tiffany store.


    Be wary of fake Tiffany jewellery being sold online and in small shops. Look for the engravings and other special details that Tiffany jewellery features.

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