How to Dispose of a Lawn Mower

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If you want to get rid of your old lawnmower, there are a variety of resources you may use to get it off your hands. For a lawnmower in working condition, donate it or try to sell it. Recycle old lawnmowers to reuse parts and prevent the mower from heading to the landfill.

Drain any gasoline or oil from the lawnmower before donating, selling or recycling.

Sell your working lawnmower by placing a classified ad in a newspaper or online.

Donate the lawnmower to an organisation in need, such as a local church or shelter.

Research your area to see if there are any recycling locations that accept lawnmowers., and are three websites that show you where there are recycling locations near you based on the zip code you enter.

Contact your city hall for information on recycling programs for lawnmowers. Some cities and counties feature a lawnmower roundup, which allows you to drop off a mower at no or little cost. If a city doesn't have a recycling roundup, take the lawnmower to a scrap-metal location to be broken down for parts.