How to Record on Laptops

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Recording music or sounds on to your laptop can be easier than you think. All you need to be able to record on a laptop are a suitable laptop with an audio input socket, a mixer and a recording software such as Audacity, which you can download from the Internet.

Find the stereo output at the back of the mixer. Plug the RCA cables into the corresponding coloured sockets.

Attach the 1/8-inch side of the audio wire to the audio input socket on the laptop. To identify the input socket, look for a microphone icon next to the socket on the laptop.

Log on to the Internet and find the Audacity website. You can download Audacity free of charge and it can be used with Windows, Mac and most other operating systems. Download the software on to your laptop by clicking "Download." Follow the instructions on the screen.

Click on the speaker graphic on the right-hand side of your computer screen. This is the computer mixer application. Check that the input jack is being used as the laptop's source for recording. You can do this by checking that the cable is securely fitted in the input socket to the rear of the mixer.

Click the red button on the software to start recording.

Check that the sound levels are not reaching the maximum level; they should be staying at a low to medium level on the meter.

Select the yellow square to stop the program from recording. Check how loud the recording is by pressing "Play" on the recording software.

Save the recording by clicking "File" and "Save as Wav." Your recording is now complete and saved on to your computer.

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