How to Write a Warm Invitation to Lunch for a Group

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Writing group invitations can be a challenge. An invitation should be a warm, personal welcome to a social event that makes an invitee feel comfortable. Fortunately, lunch invitations sent out to a group can be informal, cheerful messages that use concise, easily understandable language.

Make a list of all the pertinent information for the lunch. Note that the event is a lunch, what kind of food will be served, the beginning and end times, the date, the location, and a contact phone number. All of these elements are essential to send in any invitation. Keep this list nearby as you format the invitation.

Write out a few sample introduction sentences. Use clear, warm language to invite the guests. For example, "I would be delighted to have you over for an informal luncheon". Or, "I hope you will be able to join us for a group lunch!" By addressing the invitee directly, you are establishing a tone of writing that is warm and cordial. Once you have found a sentence that sounds authentic, use it as your opening to the invitation.

Follow the opening sentence with all of the pertinent information. Format the wording as follows, "I will be hosting an informal luncheon at my home, 111 N. Main St, from 1-3pm on Saturday, March 10th. Small sandwiches, salad, cake and punch will be served. If you have any questions, call Judy at xxx-xxxx". List all of the invitation details in sentence format to retain the informal and warm tone of the invitation.

Sign your name by hand on each invitation.

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