How to Get Sponsored by VANS

Vans makes shoes and accessories for a variety of extreme sports including competitive skateboarding and BMX racing. Vans, like many other companies, sponsors athletes to keep its brand name in the public eye. The company wants successful athletes to wear its logos and to gain this sponsorship you will need to display a certain level of professionalism and commitment in the materials you submit to Vans.

Make a professional resume highlighting your best results and the biggest events in which you have placed. You will want to include a section highlighting any special skills you may have such as being able to perform certain tricks. You can also create a section to highlight further areas of strength that may fall outside the bounds of specific skills. Keep your resume down to just one page as Vans will be encountering many others and interest will wane if it is not concise.

Create a competition portfolio to further display your accomplishments and dedication to the sport. Include photos of yourself in action, preferably photos taken during actual competition that show off your number plate. Make sure to include dynamic photos that really make you stand out. Here you can include a more thorough listing of your competition results than on your resume. Highlight your accomplishments by attaching pictures of your trophy case. Include photos of any work you may do training lesser-skilled athletes or youths since this can help you brand yourself with a good image that is friendly to corporate sponsorship.

Create a video reel of your skills just as an actor would with their character roles. Display any tricks you can perform with ease or at a high skill level. Show yourself training and practicing to show your dedication. Keep the reel short but highlight your abilities. Include a concise introduction at the beginning of the video to add a personal flair to the video that makes you stand out as well as show you are an able spokesperson for Vans.

Establish a professional web presence. You can create a website with your results and photos, but this may not be necessary depending on where you are professionally. Set up a Twitter and Facebook account separate from your personal accounts. Make these accounts geared toward your professional endeavours and update them with tips you discover while competing and with your results. Include the links to these tools on your resume. This will show Vans that you are dedicated to the sport in your everyday life and that they have potential to reach people through you and your professionalism.

Compile your resume, portfolio and highlight reel and package them together. You can include your resume as the cover letter for your portfolio and the video can be placed on a CD and included within the portfolio. Send this information to Vans at:

Vans Inc.

Attn: Sponsorship

6550 Katella Ave.

Cypress, CA 90630

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