How to Get an Adidas Sponsorship

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The adidas Corporation offers sponsorship opportunities for athletes, teams, franchises, sporting events and other sports-related enterprises. In addition, adidas provides sponsorships outside of sports, such as with film or music ventures or via product placement.

For the individual or group hoping to secure sponsorship with the corporation, it's important to submit a clear and focused proposal with the benefits for both parties carefully laid out.

How to get an Adidas sponsorship

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Gather information concerning your audience or attendees, if requesting sponsorship for an event. It is important to know the ages, income, gender breakdown and education of the average attendee at your event. Such information is used by potential sponsors to judge the value of the sponsorship opportunity. An ideal opportunity features an audience that matches a corporation's key demographic.

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Collect supporting materials. Pictures, brochures and advertising from previous events help to strengthen a sponsorship proposal package if planning sponsorship for a team, franchise or recurring event.

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Draft a succinct description of your sponsorship request. Include the who, what, where and when. Who requires sponsorship? What event or function will the sponsored party be attending? Where and when will it take place? Include as many details as possible, and remember, this is a sales pitch.

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Create a benefits package. Sponsorship is an opportunity for all parties involved, so it is important that you make the opportunities to the adidas Corporation readily apparent. Benefits often include VIP treatment, free marketing, opportunities for booth placement or the handing out of coupons and more.

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Write your letter for sponsorship. If sports-related, it should be addressed to the appropriate sports marketing department, such as tennis, soccer or football. If not, it should be directed to adidas Entertainment. In the first paragraph, detail your event or opportunity. In the second, discuss your audience or attendees. Remember that sponsorship must benefit both parties, so make sure your audience lines up with a target market for the adidas Corporation. In the third paragraph, detail all the benefits adidas would receive by sponsoring your sporting event. End by thanking them for their consideration and promising to follow up with contact. List your contact information at the end as well.

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Make copies of supplemental materials, like photographs or, if you're with a non-profit organisation, a 501(c)(3) statement. Include the copies with your submission, being sure to keep the originals.

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Assemble your packet and mail it to the appropriate department. Successful candidates will be contacted by adidas for further instruction.