How to Write a Play Proposal

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A play proposal or theatrical proposal is a relatively concise document written in business style for the purpose of acquiring financing to produce a play. It is similar in format to a book proposal or a business plan except it is specifically tailored to the theatre industry.

Writing a play proposal is something all budding playwrights, producers and directors should be familiar with.

Begin your proposal with a brief cover letter explaining who you are and what play you want to produce. Include your contact information, a synopsis of the play and a paragraph detailing your role on the production and an explanation of why you feel you are qualified to fill that role.

Explain your marketing plan. Describe your audience, why you believe your audience will enjoy your play and how you will promote the play.

Include a section for your resume. List your specific theatrical experience, including any positions you have held in the past, plays produced, educational background (if it is related to the theatre) and awards you have won. If you have already lined up a staff, include their resumes as well.

Include an estimated budget for all aspects of the production, including set design, lighting, costumes, staff, actor salaries and any other expenses that may be related to the play.

Include a copy of the play along with set design and costume design sketches.