How to Dispose of Used Bathroom Tiles

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Disposing of bathroom tiles, including ceramic, vinyl and other types, is a messy and challenging task. From broken tiles to ones that are caked with dirt and grime, you don't want to dump the old bathroom tiles in your home's garbage. The tiles will end up in a landfill or other dumping site. To properly dispose of used bathroom tiles, you need to contact a salvage company or a building supply disposal organisation that will collect the tiles for recycling.

Put on a pair of work gloves to protect your hands. Wear a nose mask to keep from inhaling any dust present on the used bathroom tiles.

Place the used bathroom tiles in boxes.

Place the boxes in a garage or another area that is dry to keep the boxes from getting wet.

Open your computer's Internet browser.

Enter in the URL box at the top of the browser. Press "Enter" or "Return" on your computer's keyboard. The "Construction Waste Management Database" website will load.

Click on the down arrow on the box next to the heading "State:".

Click on the check box next to the wording "Salvaged/Surplus Materials for Reuse."

Click on the check boxes next to the wording "Pick Up" and "Drop Off" next to the heading "Services:".

Click "Search." The website will search its database for an organisation that will come and pick up your used bathroom tools.

Write down the search results on a piece of paper. If you have a printer attached to your computer, click "File," "Print" and "OK" to print the results.

Contact a salvage company in your area.

Speak to the salvage company's representative about setting an appointment for someone to come by and pick up the used bathroom tiles, if the organisation offers a pickup service.

Write down on a piece of paper the date and time of the scheduled pickup.

Take the used bathroom tiles to the salvage company, if the organisation doesn't offer a pickup service.

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