How to Troubleshoot a FireX 120-5388 Smoke Alarm

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The FireX 120-5388 smoke alarm which uses AC power and a battery backup requires regular troubleshooting and maintenance to function properly. Essential for both homes and offices, FireX 120-5388 alarms are interconnected to sound off simultaneously. Inspecting and cleaning your smoke alarms not only heightens the sensitivity, but also decreases the chances of false alarms and promotes longevity. Regular maintenance steps are both simple and necessary to improve safety.

Make sure your FireX 120-5388 smoke alarms are connected to AC power if they are not working.

Remove your FireX 120-5388 smoke alarm from the wall if you hear a constant beeping sound about once a minute.

Open the battery compartment and remove the old batteries. Insert new batteries. FireX 120-5388 smoke alarms use 9 Volt alkaline batteries.

Remove your unit from the wall if it sounds unwanted alarms. Using a hose attached to a vacuum cleaner, vacuum all sides and cover of your smoke alarm. Vacuum all the vents to remove dirt and debris from the sensing chamber.

Remove the batteries. Using a damp cloth, clean the smoke alarm cover. Do not open the smoke detector or attempt to clean the inside.

Press the test button on your smoke alarm for at least five seconds. The alarm horn should sound. If the alarm does not sound, make sure the batteries are inserted correctly.

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