How to Program an iWave Super-Sized TV Remote

remote image by Albert Lozano from

Universal remotes enable entertainment enthusiasts to consolidate their entertainment system controls into one remote. However, the buttons may be too small to see for those with reduced vision. The iWave Super-Sized Remote combines the convenience of one remote with a device that has large, easy-to-see buttons.

The iWave Super-Sized Remote can connect with televisions, DVD players, cable and satellite receivers and many other entertainment devices. It is relatively simple to program the remote. If you are unable to automatically program the device, you need to know the code for it.

Shut off the device you are attempting to program. During the set-up process the remote will attempt to turn the device back on.

Hold down the button on the remote for the device you are trying to connect. Continue until the light stays solid on the remote.

Push the power button, but do not hold it down. This will cause the light to flash once.

Push the "channel up" button. Each time you push the button, the remote will send a signal to the device to turn it on. Pause between each to allow the remote to connect. Repeat this process until the device comes on.

Select "OK" on the remote once the device comes on. Try all the functions on the remote to ensure it is working correctly. If not, repeat the process, skipping the first signal that turns the device on.

Power on the device you are connecting to the remote. The manual programming process attempts to power off the device.

Hold down the button on the remote for the device you are trying to connect until the light stays solid.

Use the number pad to type in the three-digit code for your device. Once complete, the light will turn off.

Test the functions on the remote to ensure the proper code is entered. If the code is incorrect, repeat this process using a new device code.