How to Troubleshoot a Playstation 3 Buzz Game Controller

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When you're trying to win a game show, speed is important. Buzz! Quiz World is an exciting and fast-paced quiz show game for the PlayStation 3. Up to 8 players can compete simultaneously on one PS3 using special Buzz! controllers. If you're experiencing issues with your buzzer, you may find yourself at a serious disadvantage.

Replace the batteries in your Buzz! Buzzer. Open the battery compartment on the bottom of the Buzz! Buzzer, insert two fresh AA batteries, then close the battery compartment.

Ensure that your Buzz! Buzzer is turned on. Find the power switch on the right-hand side of the buzzer. When you turn the Buzz! Buzzer on, you should see the blue light on the controller flash rapidly.

Test the Buzz! Buzzer wireless receiver by inserting it into each of your PlayStation 3's USB ports and restarting the system. The wireless receiver must be connected correctly in order for your Buzz! Buzzers to work, and should sync to your controller automatically.

Push the POWER/LOCK button on the Buzz! Buzzer to the "LOCK" position during play. Buzz! Buzzers will automatically shut down if left idle; locking the controller will prevent accidental disconnects.

Turn on your PlayStation 3 console and plug the Buzz! wireless USB receiver into an empty USB slot on the front of the system.

Push the POWER/LOCK button on each of your Buzz! Buzzers to "POWER" and hold it there until the blue light on the controller glows continuously.

Hold the "BIND" button on the USB wireless receiver. As the receiver syncs to the Buzz! Buzzers, its blue light will glow and flash once per controller.

Press any button on your Buzz! Buzzer to test the connection. If successful, the blue light on the USB receiver will flash with each button press.

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