How to Fold Down a Converse

Markus Boesch/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The classic Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars high-tops began with a simple design -- seven eyelets, a coloured or plain canvas exterior and a white canvas interior. Since its inception, there have been special knee-high variations, versions with a different coloured interior and a "Two Fold" style with an interior set of eyelets underneath the external set of eyelets. If you have original Converse high-tops or any other high-top version, you can fold down the excess fabric to make the shoes more comfortable or to show off the special features.

Put on the shoes.

Lace your shoes up to the fifth hole. If wearing knee-high Converse, lace up to the seventh hole.

Tie your shoes normally.

Fold down the fabric from the top of the shoe, the same way you would fold down a shirt collar or sock. If wearing the "Two Fold" style, you can leave the interior set of eyelets up or fold them down, depending on your preference.

Fold the extra length of tongue down over your laces.

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