Difference between men's & women's leather jackets

Men's and women's leather jackets have differences in design, including zipper placement.

Black Leather coat image by Edward Stephens from Fotolia.com

According to Prime Magazine, differences between male and female clothing have been around since the Victorian Era. Specifics of button placement, colour variety and size all are influenced by the gender intended to wear the garment--leather jackets included.

Zippers, Buttons

Zippers and buttons on men's leather jackets are on the right-hand side, while zippers are on the left-hand side for females. The difference in placement dates to when men needed to get their right hand inside their coats to extract their swords, while females who could afford buttons often also had maids. Having buttons on the left side allowed right-handed maids to dress their female employers more conveniently.


Men's sizes for leather jackets are larger, taller and longer than comparable female sizes. The waist-cut design is higher on females than males. Female leather jackets also have additional fabric in the breast area. A woman's size large has a chest space of 36 inches to 38 inches across with a 30-inch to 32-inch circumference for the waist; a man's size large has a 42-inch to 44-inch chest space and is 33 inches to 34 inches across the waist of the jacket.

  • Men's sizes for leather jackets are larger, taller and longer than comparable female sizes.


Collars have more room in male leather jackets to allow for wider necks. Collars tend to be straight across for men, while women's collars have a slight slant aimed down in the front centre.


Men's leather jackets are usually black, but can also be found in dark and light grey and medium tan. Women's leather jacket colours are more varied--including white, pink, red, orange, tan, purple, and the traditional grey and black hues.