How to Remove Lincrusta Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great way to change the look of your interior decor, but once you get tired of its pattern you may wish to remove it to either add a new style or to strip the wall for painting.

Lincrusta is a brand of wallpaper that is installed with additional paste around the edges only, so it is easier to remove than some other brands. Proper use of the correct tools makes all the difference in this task.

Scrape small scores into the Lincrusta wallpaper around the edges of the strips, where additional glue was applied.

Mix wallpaper removing liquid according to the manufacturer's directions and pour the mixture into a paint tray.

Apply the wallpaper remover mixture over the scored areas, using a paint roller. Allow the mixture to soak in for the amount of time recommended by the manufacturer before proceeding.

Peel back an edge of the wallpaper with the help of a putty knife. Peel the paper straight back towards the opposite wall and away.

Continue with the rest of the strips. Use the utility knife to score any areas that resist peeling, and paint more remover mixture over them. Allow to soak in as in Step 3, then try to pull the paper off the wall again.