How to Tell If Wallpaper Is Upside Down?

Hemera Technologies/ Images

Wallpaper can be tricky to hang because there are many tricks to the hanging process, such as aligning patterns and hanging the paper right side up.

With some wallpaper patterns, it can be difficult to determine which side of the wallpaper is actually up, but most patterns have a few clues to help determine which direction the wallpaper should hang. While it's always best to hang the wallpaper with the right end up the first time, if you make a mistake, you can remove the paper and rehang it correctly.

Inspect the pattern on the roll. Note any distinguishing features of the pattern, such as leaves, birds, shells, flowers or other features that clearly face up or down. If you have a sample book with that wallpaper, use the sample to determine which direction the wallpaper should go. For most patterns, flowers and other greenery grow up rather than down.

Pick an orientation if the pattern is not clear, such as a striped, plaid or random pattern. You can pick which way the pattern should face depending on how you hold the paper. Hold a strip of paper against the wall to check the pattern. Choose a direction that looks good to you.

Hang the wallpaper based on the correct pattern or your chosen pattern. If you have a patterned paper, match the pattern exactly at eye-level. It is unlikely that the pattern will match exactly along the entire length of wall, so it is important to match it at the area where people are most likely to notice the paper.

Remove the wallpaper by gently stripping it from the wall by hand if it is still wet, if you already hung the wallpaper upside down. If the glue has already dried, use a wallpaper-removing liquid applied with a sponge to remove the paper from the wall and then rehang it right side up.