Can you put wallpaper on melamine cabinets?

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You can wallpaper melamine cabinets. The technique is essentially the same as when wallpapering a wall. Gather all your tools together in one place before starting the job. You will need a tape measure, wallpaper, wallpaper scissors, wallpaper paste and a paper-hanging brush.

Choosing the wallpaper

You can choose any type of wallpaper for this job, patterned or plain. Choose kitchen wallpaper if you want to use the most obvious choice. Paintable wallpaper will let you apply colour later. Designer wallpaper comes in a wide variety of distinctive looks. In terms of finish, you can use vinyl, blown vinyl or heavyweight vinyl wallpaper. You can even use flock or other textured wallpaper if you wish. However, you might prefer flat surface wallpaper.

Cutting the paper to size

Decide which side of your melamine cabinet to wallpaper first. Measure the width of the chosen side with a tape measure. Make a note of this. Measure the height of the chosen side. Make a note of this. Unroll some of the wallpaper, with the front facing down. Starting at the top of the roll, transfer the measurements to the back of the wallpaper. Cut out the piece with good wallpaper scissors.

Applying paste

There are specialised pastes for every type of wallpaper, based upon the weight of the paper. A heavier wallpaper needs a stronger paste. A lighter wallpaper might look lumpy if stuck on with a strong paste. Make sure you have the correct paste for the type of wallpaper you are applying. Mix it according to the directions given. Apply it to the back of the wallpaper, pasting in one direction only, to avoid accidentally creasing the paper.

Applying the wallpaper

Hold the paper in place against the side of the cabinet. Use a paper-hanging brush to smooth the wallpaper, working in one direction. Leave the wallpaper to dry. Proceed in like manner on all the other surfaces of the melamine cabinet. Decide whether you want to continue the look on all your melamine cabinets.