How to Butt Joint Wallpaper Borders

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A wall paper border can add an extra splash of colour and pattern to your wall, tying your decorating scheme together. Little details like borders can make a big difference in making the room look finished. When you hang a border, occasionally you may find sections overlapping. To avoid a sloppy result and let all of your hard work go to waste, create a butt joint to merge the sections seamlessly.

Match your patterns up so the joint will be less noticeable. If you have worked your way around the room and the two final pieces are meeting in a random spot, it may not be possible to match the pattern design.

Apply the wallpaper border pieces to the wall as directed by the manufacturer, allowing the edge of one piece to overlap the second piece. Make sure both pieces are level, with the top and bottom edges lining up perfectly.

Hold a straight edge tool, such as a wallpaper knife or metal stick ruler, right next to the spot where the joints will meet. This must be over a spot where the pieces overlap. Use a level, if desired, to ensure the tool is vertically straight.

Cut a vertical line through both pieces of the border, using the metal tool as a guide so that your cut is vertically straight. Be careful not to scratch or cut into the wall above or below the border. The edges of each piece should fall away. The newly created edges should meet perfectly.

Roll over the butt jointed edges with a seam roller to flatten them and ensure they stay in place.

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